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Jazz Musicians

Jazz and Blues

Live music in New Orleans this week (May 23-29, 2017)
Tank and the Bangas, Ty Segall, Jacqui Naylor, Trey Songz Tank & the Bangas and Sweet CrudeWed.?


Jackson Square Artist

On Exhibition

Inside The Arts: New Orleans Int?l Guitar Festival, The Spider Queen, Antenna: Signals
This week on Inside the Arts, the 3rd Annual New Orleans International Guitar Festival gets underway at Tulane University. Guitarists from 10 count...


Mardi Gras Costumes

Good Times

Review: The NOLA Project stages The Spider Queen
The group presents an imaginative story in City Park The Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden in City Park i...

Festivals in New Orleans this week (May 23-29, 2017)
NOWFE and Greek Fest New Orleans Wine & Food ExperienceThu.-Sun. May 25-28 | Vintners open more than 1,000 wines ...

Food and drink events in New Orleans this week (May 23-29, 2017)
Crawfish and beer, Galatoire's wine dinner, Serigne Mbaye May 23Louisiana crawfish and beer dinner6:30 p.m. Tuesda...

Review: The Artist?s Muse and Monstrous Diabolics
Weird America in works by Jim Sohr, Sean Starwars and others One of the more enduring art world myths is that righ...

Mast appeal: Caravan Stage presents Nomadic Tempest
Nomadic Tempest is an epic tale of four monarch butterflies from disparate corners of the globe, displaced by cli...

Food and drink events in New Orleans this week (May 16-22, 2017)
Paradigm Gardens, Second Line Brewing and Jacob Cureton May 16Paradigm Gardens Concert Series7 p.m.-9:30 p.m. Tues...


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Review: Finding Vivian Maier

It?s no wonder that ?paradoxical? is the first word uttered in the documentary Finding Vivian Maier to describe its elusive and mysterious subject...


Seafood Platters

Dining Pleasure

Review: Shank Charcuterie on St. Claude Avenue
Kristopher Doll's butcher shop and deli offers a short menu of creative fare Kristopher Doll knows his way around a pi...